Daisy is a beautiful, friendly Rottweiler, born October 25, 2013 in Orange County, California. At seven-weeks-old, she was adopted by her loving family, including author Sarah Rae Gilbert. Her natural, charming demeanor was easily recognizable, even during early puppyhood! Before long, Daisy’s cheerfulness brought joy to everyone she encountered, friends and newcomers alike. Her happy tail, dimpled grin and signature “sit and lean” pose earned her quite the reputation throughout her town and then social media.

Daisy and Sarah established their inseparable bond while Sarah was working towards her undergraduate degree at Chapman University. During that time, Daisy honed in on her socialization skills and underwent extensive training, making it possible for her to explore her environment with ease and interact with people of all ages. The duo spent numerous days playing at beaches, relaxing in parks, traveling near and far, and making countless friends along the way.

Sarah graduated with her degree in May of 2015 and instantly began brainstorming different ways to combine Daisyʼs inherent benevolence with her own creative passions and skills. She arrived at her decision to create something precious and meaningful for children when walking Daisy around the neighborhood one evening. The two crossed paths with an unhappy toddler and, without hesitation, Daisy stopped in her tracks, surprised the child with a comforting lick and smiled as the child’s tears turned into laughter. It was in that moment that Sarah recalled the frequency with which encounters similar to that one occurred. Without further contemplation and with immense support from family and friends, Sarah began the process of developing one of many significant, whimsical, modern childrenʼs books inspired by her best friend and loyal companion, Daisy the Rottie.